Seawood Builders’ executive leadership team jointly oversees the activities of our organization, and offer guidance in operations across the board.

  • Edward Masi

    Edward Masi

    Partner, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Mr. Masi is Seawood Builders’ president and CEO. Under his guidance, Seawood successfully has completed more than $1.5 billion in construction projects...
  • Betty Masi

    Betty Masi

    Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer
    Mrs. Masi has responsibility for the company’s financial oversight, information technology...
  • Tim McCarthy

    Tim McCarthy

    Partner, SVP Operations
    Mr. McCarthy manages the development, operations and financial aspects of Seawood’s products and services. Under his leadership...
  • William Spruce

    William Spruce

    General Counsel
    Mr. Spruce is responsible for all of Seawood Builders’ legal matters. He oversees all aspects of transactional affairs, including reviewing or creating contracts, reviewing insurance...
  • Denise Nemet

    Denise Nemet

    Assistant Controller and Job Cost Accountant
    Denise Nemet is Assistant Controller and Job Cost Accountant with Seawood Builders. With more than 30 years of experience...
  • Michael Spruce

    Michael Spruce

    SVP, Project Management
    Mr. Spruce is Senior Vice-president, Project Management with Seawood Builders. He has 20 years of professional construction experience...
  • C. Stephen Harden

    C. Stephen Harden

    SVP Operations
    Stephen Harden is Senior Vice-president of Operations with Seawood Builders. His responsibilities include planning, organizing, and staffing key field positions...
  • Miguel Perez

    Miguel Perez

    SVP Project Management
    Mr. Perez is a senior vice president of project management at Seawood Builders. He has 26 years of professional construction experience...
  • Michael Levy

    Michael Levy

    Chief Estimator
    Mr. Levy is Chief Estimator with Seawood Builders. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry...
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